Destin Jenkins

United States
Photo of Destin Jenkins

Destin Jenkins is a PhD candidate in Stanford’s History Department. His research explores the history of American capitalism, with special emphasis on race, urban space, and African Americans. Destin’s dissertation is tentatively titled, “Bonded Metropolis: Race, Wealth, and the Search for Capital in Postwar San Francisco.” This project uses the municipal bond market to understand how cities financed redevelopment projects, the relationship between race and credit, and the relegation of African Americans to spaces of inequality. Blending political economy with social history, his work traces the constitutive trajectories of capitalism and the city, race and wealth.

Destin graduated from Columbia University, where he earned a BA in Modern U.S. History, with honors. He is the coordinator of the Approaches to Capitalism workshop, founding member of the Stanford History of Capitalism reading group, and former graduate and dissertation fellow at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. He is 2014-16 DARE (Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence) Doctoral Fellow.