Destin Jenkins

United States
Photo of Destin Jenkins

Destin Jenkins is interested in the relationships between metropolitan space, the places within, and capitalism. To the extent that a shift in the dynamics of global capitalism occurred in the 1970s, his research asks, how was metropolitan space shaped by this transformation? How did the reconfiguration of the metropolis in turn influence the trajectory of post-1970s capitalism? Rather than privilege the “logic” of capital, his research attempts to identify who mediated this process. Blending intellectual and cultural history, his dissertation explores the social production of land, real estate, and labor markets in the period between the mid-1950s and late 1980s.                                               

He is generally interested in (sub)urban history, African American history, comparative race relations, and the (re)makings of class. Destin graduated from Columbia University, where he earned a BA in Modern U.S. History, with honors.

Destin is the founding member of the Stanford History of Capitalism reading group and has served as a graduate fellow at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. He currently serves as co-coordinator of the Stanford U.S. History workshop.