Frederico Freitas

Latin America
B.A. in History, University of São Paulo, 2008
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Frederico Freitas is a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American History. His main areas of study are environmental history, spatial history, and the history of the Southern Cone. His dissertation focuses on the border region between Argentina and Brazil in the early twentieth century. As an environmental history of a border, his research centers on the creation of two national parks in the 1930s; the first, established by Argentina at the border, was soon followed by a Brazilian counterpart. Frederico’s research interests are related to the role of national parks in the construction of borders, the history of expansion and occupation of “empty” territory promoted by national states, and the environmental, social, and cultural aspects of border construction on the lives of the population living (or arriving) in such regions.


  •  “As Viagens de Francisco Moreno: Visões da Natureza e Construção da Nação no Extremo Sul Argentino, 1873-1906.” Revista Angelus Novus 1 (2010): 115-143.Frederico Freitas' Website: