Henrik Ernstson

Headshot of Henrik Ernstson

Dr. Henrik Ernstson is the Stig Hagström scholar (2013-2015) of The Wallenberg Foundation at Department of History, Stanford University. He is Principal Investigator of two interdisciplinary research projects between the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town and the KTH Environmental Humanities at KTH Institute of Technology in Stockholm. From studies in Physics (Linköping University) and Systems Ecology (Stockholm University), he has developed a core interest in urban political ecology, collective action, and African urbanism in which he draws on relational social movement theory, actor-network theory (ANT) and postfoundational political thought to unpack the inherently political of urban environments. He has also been key in developing network analysis within social-ecological studies. Recent publications include "Provincializing Urban Political Ecology" (2013) in Antipode (with M Lawhon and J Silver), "The Social Production of Ecosystem Services" (2013) in Landscape and Urban Planning, "Ecosystem Services as Technology of Globalization" (2013) in Ecological Economics (with S Sörlin), and "Food and green space in cities" (2013, with S Barthel and J Parker) in Urban Studies. Currently he is leading an international book project with co-editor Sverker Sörlin on "Grounding Urban Natures: Histories and Futures of Urban Political Ecologies" with environmental historical and critical studies from China, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Germany, and USA. He recently in July 2013 submitted a special issue to IJURR on "Politicizing African Urban Environments" with Mary Lawhon and Jonathan Silver with studies from Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa.

For more information follow blog "In Rhizomia" (http://www.rhizomia.net/), and the new collaborative platform he has initiated at Situated Ecologies which includes, SUPE—Situated Urban Political Ecologies (http://www.situatedecologies.net/).

His twitter is @rhizomia (check out hash tag #SUPE).