James Mayfield

Russia/East Europe
Photo of James Mayfield

Bio: My research specializes in comparative nationalism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, forced migration, and mass rape in Eastern Europe. I especially focus on the expulsion of German, Jewish, and Hungarian minorities after World War II and how nation-building in the region has been tied to ethnic homogenization.


  • Mayfield, James and Weigandt, Ernesto. Memoria del Olvido (Memory of Oblivion). Spanish translation. Argentina, 2012 (pending).
  • Editor, scholarly reviewer, and preface writer for Starič, Peter. My Life under Totalitarianism, 2013. Published in English and Slovene.
  •  My research on the social conditions of Gypsy/Roma minorities in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary were used and broadcast by the United Nations television department, Senior TV Producer Patricia Chan, TV Section, NMD/DPI, in 2011.
  •  Invited to work on the EU's project, "Migration in European History," European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), 2013.
  •  "Conflicting Czech, Polish, and German Historical Memories on the Expulsion of Germans," delivered at the International Network of Genocide Scholars' conference, "Genocide: Knowing the Past, Safeguarding the Future," San Francisco State University, June-July 2012.
  •  Published Masters Thesis, "Imagining Revolutionary World Orders: Understanding Post-colonial State Formation in Ghana, India, Yugoslavia, and Tanzania as Projects for Alternative Modernities." CSU Fullerton, 2011.
  • "The ethnic cleansing of the Volga German minority." Delivered at the "Forgotten Genocide" conference at the College of Meramec in St. Louis. Filmed for DVD and TV, 2010.
  •  "Changing and constructed frameworks of ethnoracial identity under Italian Fascism." Published and presented at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, Romania, 2011.
  • Scholarly consultant for source accuracy and back-cover reviewer for Reale, Luigi. Mussolini's Concentration Camps for Civilians. Portland, OR: Vallentine Mitchell, 2001.
  •  Interviewed by Giles Tremlett of The Guardian on the situation and conditions of the Gypsy/Roma minorities in Europe, 2013.
  • Special contributor to a doctoral thesis on Albanian socialist history written by David Forrest at Stradclythe University in Glasgow, Scotland, 2011.
  •  Translation assistance of a 17th-century document submitted by a French prisoner to the Dutch Estates General requesting asylum for refusal to convert to Catholicism. Translated from Dutch to English for Stanford University, 2011.
  •  Archival work for Dorsey, Kurt. Whales and Nations: Environmental Diplomacy on the High Seas. Seattle, WA: University of the Washington Press, 2012.
  •  My research has been acknowledged by Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, Romania, by national Chair of Museums and Collections Dr. Ernest Oberländer-Tarnoveanu, and by prominent published Romanian archaeologist and professor Dr. Mircea Negru, who are interested in my work on minority identities and human migration.