Margo Horn

Headshot of Margo Horn

Margo Horn received an MA and PhD in History from Tufts University.  She is a US social historian, specializing in the history of women, the family and the history of medicine.  She has taught in the Stanford History Department since 1985.  Currently, she teaches courses on the history of medicine in the United States including the History of Women and Medicine in the US,  The Social History of Mental Illness, and In Sickness and in Health: Medicine and US Society, 1825-2012.   She has been awarded fellowships by the NIMH, the Radcliffe Institute and the Commonwealth Fund. Margo Horn is the author of Before It's Too Late: The Child Guidance Movement in the United States, 1922-1945.  Her current research is on the history of single women in the US in the twentieth century.