Undergraduate > The Bachelor of Arts in History

High school history was about the answers;
College history is about the questions.

Six pathways lead to the A.B. in History at Stanford.

The General Major emphasizes breaPhotograph of a group of Roble women pose in their finery at the Inner Quad site reserved for Memorial church in 1894dth of study among historical fields as well a depth of concentration in one selected area. Full information is available on the General History Track section of the Stanford Bulletin

The five History Interdisciplinary Programs (HIPs) include substantial coursework outside of the History Department. They are designed for students whose interests range across different areas and for those who want to study subjects in the arts, literature and the sciences from a historical perspective. For general information visit the History Tracks with Interdisciplinary Emphasis section of the Stanford Bulletin. Information for each of the Interdisciplinary Programs is available on the links below:

Global Affairs and World History
History, Philosophy, and the Arts
History, Science, and Medicine
Public History/Public Service
History and the Law

For a list of courses that satisfy the various History A.B. requirements, please consult the Department of History's degree requirement section of the Course Bulletin (which is also available in the online Stanford Bulletin under Bachelors of Arts in History).

The Honors Program in History

For a limited number of majors, the department offers a special program leading to Departmental Honors in History. Full information is available on the Bachelors of Arts in History section of the Bulletin under Honors Program.

A Minor in History

Photograph of David Starr Jordan and his first group of faculty, in aproximately 1891Students must declare the minor in History no later than Autumn Quarter of the senior year via Axess. Minor declarations are approved by the Department of History and confirmation is sent via email to the student. Full information is available on the Minor in History section of the Stanford Bulletin.