Peer Advisors

Photograph of Professor and Mrs. Charles H. Gilbert and student members of the Zoology Club on a picnic outing in 1898History undergraduates who volunteer to help their fellow students and who are aware of the requirements of the department as well as other University resources hold regular office hours in the History Lounge. Check the special Peer Advising bulletin board in the front hallway of History Corner: it lists the peer advisors' names, schedules and e-mail addresses, along with other information of interest to History students.

 History's 2014-15 Peer Advisors:


Jeffrey Abidor

Jeffrey is a senior history major studying war and society in the 20th Century. He is five feet, eleven inches tall, has brown eyes, and hails from Arizona. When not reading about total warfare, Jeffrey enjoys acting, playing music with the Stanford Band, and spending time with good friends. He hopes to make documentaries when he grows up. Talk to him! He is an amicable fellow.


Cole Manley

Cole is a Senior majoring in History from San Francisco, CA. He is particularly interested in the history of nonviolent resistance and social movements and is working to create more offerings in peace and justice studies at Stanford. 


Sunil Rao

Sunil is a junior History major and economics minor focusing on economic history and the history of economic thought. In his first two years at Stanford, he enjoyed making loud noises with his voice as a member of The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, and continues to enjoy being a part of the campus music and arts scene as much as possible. More recently, he has also done research in the History Department and continues to work at Stanford's Institute of Design (the


Sarah Sadlier

My name is Sarah Sadlier, and I am a junior from Gig Harbor, Washington majoring in History, American Studies, and Iberian and Latin American Cultures. Currently, I am writing my thesis on the Battle of the Little Bighorn in film, and I am working on a Cantor exhibit focused on the ledger art of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.