Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Chair's Message

Dear Department of History Graduates of 2021,

In normal times, the department chair has the extremely pleasant duty of standing in front of you and your loved ones and congratulating you on your extraordinary achievement. Please accept instead this substitute: my warmest congratulations in this written message. All of us in the History Department who have worked with you during your time at Stanford are very proud of you. Whether you are receiving a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a PhD, you have every reason to bask in the glow of our collective admiration of your accomplishments.

Graduations are always bittersweet. We close the door on one chapter of our lives and look ahead with a mixture of hope and anxiety to a new chapter. For some of you, that next chapter might already have come clearly into focus. For others, the future is still a bit hazy, and that’s ok too. The last sixteen months have brought extraordinary challenges to many of us. They are a reminder that we should savor the present moment, the tiny slice of time between our past and our future. What matters today is that we are here now, in this warm and happy moment, celebrating your achievements together.

At all times, but especially in uncertain times, an excellent education serves so many purposes. It prepares you for the career or careers that lie ahead of you. As historians, you've learned to understand and evaluate a current crisis not just from the confusion of the present moment, but from the perspective of our collective historical experience, and to use your understanding to help see a way past it. But an education also prepares you for the many unknowns that make up a life. I hope that you remember that an education is not an airplane ticket, taking you in a straight line to a single destination. Instead it’s a passport, opening all kinds of opportunities for you throughout your life. Despite all the challenges that lie before you, we hope that you are able to use your Stanford education to do good in the world. The world needs the many gifts and talents you have to offer, now more than ever.

I wish all of you the best of luck in your journey forward.  Please keep in touch with the History Department and let us know about your future adventures and achievements.

Caroline Winterer
Chair, Department of History
William Robertson Coe Professor of History and American Studies


The History  Graduation Celebration premiered on YouTube  with the following program:

  • Welcome by Professor Caroline Winterer
  • Class of 2020
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    • Undergraduate Address: Ravi Veriah Jacques, Bachelor of Arts in History with Honors, '20
    • Presentation of Undergraduate Degree Candidates
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    • Presentation of Graduate Degree Candidates
  • Class of 2021
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    • Undergraduate Address: Elizabeth Anne Lindqwister, Bachelor of Arts in History with Honors, '21
    • Presentation of Undergraduate Degree Candidates
    • Graduate Awards
    • Graduate Address: Mejgan Massoumi, Doctor of Philosophy in History, '21
    • Presentation of Graduate Degree Candidates
  • Congratulatory Remarks from the History Department Faculty

Kudoboard Celebration!

View the celebratory messages at this link.

Commencement Gift for Class of 2020 and 2021

We invite all graduating History students to claim their commencement gift from a selected list of Stanford University Press publications. Please review the options available at this link and check your Stanford e-mailbox for further information and the gift code. Questions can be addressed to the History Student Services Team.

After Commencement

We'd love to feature your accomplishments on Our Alumni page. When you are back on the Farm, please stop by the Lane History Corner to take a picture or simply to say hello.

If you would like to receive periodic updates about the Department's activities or have any questions, please contact Dr. Burçak Keskin-Kozat (Director of Finance & Operations ).