2022 Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Stanford's Department of History will be hosting its commencement ceremony at Hewlett Building Lawn on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 12:30pm (PDT). Refreshments will be served.

Masks are requested at the ceremony, and we kindly request that you do not attend if you are feeling sick. For more information on Health and Safety, please visit the Stanford Commencement website.

The venue is at 370 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305.

Please see a map below, showing walking instructions from the University Commencement Ceremony at Stanford Stadium. You are also welcome to take the Marguerite Shuttle, which will be running along the Jane Stanford Way that day. Please take the "C Line" shuttles and get off at the "Packard Engineering/Gilbert Biological Sciences" stop and look for the History Department banner.

Parking: The campus is extremely busy on Commencement Day. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive and find parking.  The closest parking lots and structures are located at Stanford OvalGalvez Lot (L-96)Track House LotGraduate School of Business (Parking Structure 7)

Hewlett Building Lawn - History Commencement 2022


For a list of awards that will be announced, please visit the Awards and Accomplishments page of our website.

2022 B.A. Graduates


Isabella Ainsworth (Honors) ~ Coen Armstrong ~ Emma Alexandra Bates (Honors) ~ Jakob Barrus
Alexander Magna Bhatt ~ Oliver Brady ~ Nicola Buskirk ~ Molly Campbell ~ Carolyn Chun
Trinity Gaw Donohugh ~ Micaela Quinn Dugan ~ Daniel Travassos Ferreira (Honors) ~ Adam Bates Forsyth
Hagar Gal (Honors) ~ Marguerite Anne Gray ~ Brian Grenadier (Honors) ~ Eva Hangartner
Isaac Roland Harris ~ Reese Kennedy ~ Arman Kassam (Honors) ~ Asa Kohrman ~ Henry Liera ~ Jacky Lin
Chase Oliver McCaw ~ Alexander Mackworth Mendoza ~ Josiah Josef Keoni Quon Rodriguez
Yasmin Samrai ~ Samuel Segal ~ Elizabeth Spaeth (Honors) ~ True Sweetser ~ Arjan Walia (Honors)
Natassia Jane Walley (Honors) ~ Victor Yin


Mateo Attanasio ~ Catherine Beck ~ Austin Brotman ~ Gabriella Conforti ~ Sophia Davis
Jahnavi Deb ~ Kara Eng ~ William Healzer ~ Azam Janmohamed ~ Ethan Jones ~ Katie Jonsson
Tenzin Kartsang ~ Raushun Kirtikar ~ Nazli Koyluoglu ~ TaeVeon Le ~ Jacob LeBlanc
Anna Mason ~ Samuel Mason ~ Pablo Noyola ~ Crystal Perez ~ Manuel Porras ~ Ian Ruohoniemi
Tyler Shaver ~ Tyler Staggs ~ Bronson Vanderjack ~ Logan Welch ~ Frank Willey

2021 B.A. Graduates


Nathaniel Jacob Braun ~ Wajih-Ur Rahman Chaudhry ~ Christine Rose Decker (Honors)
Karissa Xinyue Dong (Honors) ~ Yibing Du (Honors) ~ Sarah Morgan Engs ~ Connor Michael Goodson
Joshua Michael Goodwin ~ Fiona Kim Henderson ~ Christian Thomas Holmes ~ David King Jemison
Jiyoung Jeong (Honors) ~ Elizabeth Anne Lindqwister (Honors) ~ Vibhav Ravindra Mariwala (Honors)
Hannah DeGeorge Mueller (Honors) ~ Ayesha Kamal Pasha (Honors) ~ Sofia Maria Jose Patino-Duque
Cass Clemens Plowman (Honors) ~ Emilia Anna Porubcin (Honors) ~ Anirudh Prabhu (Honors)
Elekos Gyasi Praxis ~ Josefa Theresa Santos-Powell (Honors) ~ Stephanie Shim ~ David Robert Snyder
Indiana Lee Sobol (Honors) ~ Sophia Hedy Susac ~ Peter Ramsay Thomas (Honors)
Erin Hartman Wenokur (Honors) ~ Michael Dylan Whittaker ~ Daniel Shangpei Wu ~ Jessica Kate Yeager


Britney Victoria Armstrong ~ Nicole R. Bauer ~ Caroline Mitchell Beckman ~ David Ronald Cocson Bradshaw
Marie Cleone Burnett ~ Austin Song Cai ~ Johannes Michael Calloni ~ Jack A. Carney ~ Kai Xiao Chen
Matthew Edward Dardet ~ Elyssa Frances Hofgard ~ Kevin Ji ~ Thomas Knowles ~ Mark Guan Ming Lu
Eric Tetsuo Matsumoto ~ John Robert McManis ~ Grace DeGeorge Mueller ~ Michelle Julia Wai Leng Ng
John Richard Oberholzer ~ Swetha Revanur ~ Nicolas Fernando Rodriguez ~ Katharine Celia Russell Rubin
Margaret Verity Elli Saunders ~ Troy Shen ~ Rebecca Branch Smalbach ~ Eric Tang ~ Calvin Taylor
Muhammad Mustafa Khan Tikka ~ Nina Joy Wagner ~ Melina Z. Walling ~ Dhara Kumari Yu

2020 B.A. Graduates


Maya Shivani Acharya ~ Joshua Martin Adamson ~ Dabiyyah Agbere ~ Eva Borgwardt (Honors)
Lauren Caroline Bywater ~ John Chapman A. Caddell (Honors) ~ Inyoung Choi ~ Molly G. Culhane
Lily A. Foulkes (Honors) ~ Mark Anthony Gallegos ~ Jacob Wittleder Haan ~ Timothy James Isaacs
Berber Jin (Honors) ~ Won Gi Jung ~ Zachary Ronald Kirk ~ Jacob S. Kuppermann
Melodie Grace Dongyao Liu (Honors) ~ Zoe Mahoney ~ Benjamin Phillip Maldonado (Honors)
Nesrine Mbarek (Honors) ~ Max Minshull ~ Luke Charles Muller ~ Mariam Noorulhuda
Río Samuel Padilla-Smith ~ Anat Peled (Honors) ~ John David Rice-Cameron
Clara E. Romani (Honors) ~ Q. Schneider (Honors) ~ Esther Tsvayg
Ravi Havinder Veriah Jacques (Honors) ~ Anna Maria Lyuh Von Preyss ~ Eli Noah Wachs
Ziyi Wang ~ Emily Anne Wilder ~ Emily Ann Wilson


Maya Nell Burke ~ Sani Eskinazi ~ Fiorella Alexandra Villar ~ Hallie Dunham ~ Amy An-Yi Shen
Leenah Khalida Alfalih ~ Benjamin Boston ~ Justin Mark Daniels ~ Chandrashekar Ganesan
Emily Kay Guthrie ~ Joseph Tyler Kaperst ~ Xin Yi Kuang ~ India Grace Robinson
Bryce C. Tuttle ~ Claire S. Womack ~ Edward Fangh Yu
James Robert Grant Macfarlane ~ Riley Spain

2022 M.A. Graduate

John Royce Valitutto

2021 M.A. Graduates

Grant William Hallee

Katherine Silk

Nina Joy Wagner

2020 M.A. Graduates

Boris Plamenov Atanassov

Cassandra Rae Obel

Teresa Elena Ortega

2022 Ph.D. Graduates

Christopher Bacich
Epicureanism and the Death of the Soul in the High Middle Ages
Advisor: Professor Fiona Griffith

Michelle Mengsu Chang
The Business of Living: Reforming Chinese Socialism at the Grassroots, the Case of Guangzhou, 1953-1989
Advisor: Professor Thomas Mullaney

Jacob Daniels
Borderland Central: Edirne and its Jewish Community from the Late Ottoman Empire to the Early Turkish Republic
Advisor: Professor Aron Rodrigue

Brooke Durham
Politics Aside: North Africans, Europeans, and the Fight to Transform Postwar Algeria, 1945-1975
Advisor: Professor James P. Daughton

Benjamin Andrew Franta
Big Carbon's Strategic Response to Global Warming, 1950-2020
Advisor: Professor Robert Proctor

Charlotte Sanger Hull
Connecting California: Agents of U.S. Imperial Expansion, 1783-1848
Advisor: Professor Jonathan Gienapp

Elizabeth Claire Jacob
Gender and the Politics of Public Motherhood in Côte d'Ivoire, 1893-1983
Advisor: Professor Richard Roberts

Nicholas Levy
Reindustrialized Socialism: Expanding Steel Cities and Second World Interconnections
Advisor: Professor Amir Weiner

Yunxin Li
The Inner Court and Politics in the Han Empire
Advisor: Professor Mark Lewis

Justine Modica
Who Cares?: Constructing the Child Care Workforce, 1970-2000
Advisor: Professor Estelle Freedman

Kristo Nurmis
Crafting Illiberal Europe. Legitimation and Mass Influence in the Soviet and Nazi Occupied Baltic States, 1940-53
Advisor: Professor Amir Weiner

Beata Szymkow
Civil Rights and Nation Building in A Multiethnic Borderland. Lwów and Galicia 1918-1939
Advisor: Professor Norman Naimark

Matthew Wormer
Opium, Economic Thought, and the Making of Britain's Free Trade Empire, 1773-1839
Advisor: Professor Priya Satia

Vivian Yan-Gonzalez
A Spectrum Apart: Chinese and Japanese American Republicans and conservatives, 1920-1990
Advisor: Professor Gordon Chang

2021 Ph.D. Graduates

Branden Adams
Dark, Dreary Mines: Bituminous Coal in the United States, 1865-1900 
Advisor: Professor Richard White

Madihah Falak Akhter
In Her Own Right: Sovereignty and Gender in Princely Bhopal
Advisor: Professor Priya Satia

Ignat Ayzenberg
The Jewish Vanguard of the Revolution: Poale Zion in Early Soviet Period (1917-1928)
Advisor: Professor Steven Zipperstein

Leonardo Brandao Barleta
Empire in the Backlands: Mobility and the Interiorization of Portuguese Colonization in Brazil, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Advisor: Professor Zephyr Frank

Edward Halley Mitchell Barnet
Homo Musicus: The Musical Instrument as a Model of Life and Mind in Early Modern Europe
Advisor: Professor Jessica Riskin

Valerie Ann Deisinger
Changes in the Legal Profession, Changes in the Law: Slavery and Legal Culture in Illinois, 1818-1848
Advisor: Professor Jack Rakove & Fiona Griffiths

Catherine Baylin Duryea
Practicing Human Rights in the Arab world: International Law in 20th Century Advocacy
Advisors: Professors Joel Beinin & Ali Yaycıoğlu

Daniella Leah Farah
Forming Iranian Jewish Identities: Education, National Belonging, the Jewish Press, and Integration, 1945-1981
Advisor: Professor Aron Rodrigue

Rebecca Leann Gruskin
Capitalism, Resistance, and Environment in Tunisia's Gafsa Phosphate Mining Region, 1880s-1960s
Advisors: Professors Joel Beinin & Priya Satia

Eun Seo Jo
Foreign Relations of the United States Series, 1860-1980: A Study in New Archival History
Advisor: Professor Zephyr Frank

Mejgan Massoumi
The Sounds of Kabul: Radio and the Politics of Popular Culture in Afghanistan, 1960-79
Advisor: Professor Robert Crews

Matthew Edward Nestler
(Un)changing Inequality: Economic Life, Social Movements, and Policymaking during Years of Inflation in Urban Brazil, 1944-1978
Advisor: Professor Zephyr Frank

Padraic Rohan
Transforming Empire: The Genoese from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 1282-1492
Advisor: Paula Findlen

Alexandra Elise Stern
Reconstructing Indian Territory: Federal vs. Native Power and the Contested Expansion of American Sovereignty, 1861 - 1907
Advisor: Professor Richard White

Alastair Yuanhao Su
Capitalizing on Addiction: The United States, China, and the Transpacific Opium Economy, 1804-1909
Advisor: Professor Jennifer Burns

Alexandra Lauren Sukalo
The Soviet Political Police: Establishment, Training, and Operations in the Soviet Republics, 1918-1953
Advisor: Professor Amir Weiner

Rebecca Elizabeth Wall
Transnational Senegal River Development, 1920-2000
Advisor: Professor Richard Roberts

Duygu Yildirim
The Age of the Perplexed: Translating Nature and Bodies between the Ottoman Empire and Europe, 1650-1730
Advisor: Professor Paula Findlen


2020 Ph.D. Graduates

Osei B. Boakye
Beggared Nation: An Economic History Of Ghana, 1946-1976
Advisor: Professor Richard Roberts

Lukas Dovern
Investing in Socialist Poland: A Transnational History of Finance in the Cold War, 1944-1991
Advisor: Professor Norman Naimark

Ali Aydin Karamustafa
The Koroghlu epic in trans-imperial perspective: The story of the Ottoman and Safavid expansion and crises
Advisor: Professor Aron Rodrigue & Ali Yaycıoğlu

Rachel Clare Midura
Masters of the Post: Northern Italy and European Communications Networks, 1530-1730
Advisor: Professor Paula Findlen

Stephan Risi
Taming Nicotine: Big Tobacco's Quest to Hide and Harness Addiction
Advisor: Professor Robert Proctor

Andrew Paul Schupanitz
Revolutionary Competition: Coalitions, Labor, and the Birth of French Antitrust, 1791-1864
Advisor: Professor Keith Baker

Murphy Thomas Temple
Death, Where Is Thy Sting?: British Spiritualists and the First World War
Advisor: Professor Priya Satia

Ashley Elizabeth Walters
Intimate Radicals and Radical Intimacies: East European Jewish Women in the early twentieth-century Anglo-American Imaginary
Advisor: Professor Steven Zipperstein