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Coterminal Masters

Each year, the department admits a limited number of undergraduates to its program leading to a co-terminal B.A. - M.A. degree in History. The application deadline will be December 1, 2020 for co-terming in the 2020-21 academic year.

Please see the Graduate Program Coordinator for information on co-terming.


Coterminal students must complete 15 full-time quarters cumulatively (or the equivalent including transfer credit) or 3 full quarters after completing 180 units, for a total of 225 units. Nine graduate-level courses (a minimum of 45 units) must be completed with B+ or better. All courses must be completed with a letter grade, and with the following distribution of coursework:

  • at least one history graduate seminar (400-level);
  • at least four history graduate colloquia (300-level), (not History 304);
  • three courses within a single field of study (Africa, Britain, Early Modern Europe, East Asia, Eastern Europe/Russia, History of Science, Medicine and Technology Jewish History, Latin America, Medieval Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, Modern Europe, South Asia, Transnational, International and Global History or the U.S.;
  • no more than 2 courses taken outside History may be counted to the M.A.;
  • no more than 2 may be Directed Reading or other individualized courses.

Students must meet all requirements for both degrees; no course may be "double-counted."

How to Apply

Some students apply in their junior year and complete their M.A. studies in their fourth year at Stanford; others apply in the senior year, planning their M.A. coursework for their fifth year at Stanford. It is advisable for senior-status applicants to track closely their completed units toward graduation. As soon as a co-term student reaches 180 units, they will be registered immediately with graduate status. Accordingly, such students will no longer have the option to "stop out" or to apply for PSO (Permit for Services Only) registration, as both are options restricted to undergraduates. Achieving graduate status may have other consequences, depending upon each student's unique situation. For this reason, seniors at the time of application are advised to meet with the Registrar in order to plan wisely.

Students applying for co-term admission must take the GRE exam, specify a field of study, select a faculty advisor, and should have a 3.75 GPA in history courses (or the equivalent if they are entering without a history major). Three letters of recommendation must be submitted (one from the current faculty advisor, one from the prospective M.A. advisor, and one other of the students choice) in addition to transcripts and the application form itself. The deadline for applying to the co-term program will be the same deadline date as the Ph.D./M.A. graduate program admissions.