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Bachelor of Arts in History

Prerequisites for the Major

Before declaring the History major, students must take one lecture course. They must take a second lecture course within one year of declaring. Fulfilling this requirement are courses numbered HISTORY 1-199 (with the exception of Freshman (xxN) and Sophomore (xxQ) Introductory Seminars).

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Completion of the major requires planning. History majors should plan to meet with their faculty advisors twice yearly, once in the autumn and once in the winter or spring quarters. These meetings should take place within the first three weeks of the quarter, before the final study list deadline.

History majors are required to complete a minimum of 63 units (i.e. a minimum of 13 courses) to include:

  • One Sources and Methods Seminar (HISTORY 1S-99S).
  • Two 200-level undergraduate colloquia (HISTORY 200-298).
  • At least one other small group course OR
  • Doing History course (required for declared majors in AY 2018-19).
  • Two lecture requirements (U.S. or Europe and Africa, Asia, Middle East or Latin America).
  • Completion of the Writing in the Major requirement (HISTORY 209S).
  • At least six additional courses to total a minimum of 63 units.

More Information

For more information on these requirements, see our entry in the Stanford Bulletin.