Guns & History: Did Guns Make the Modern World?

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Guns & History: Did Guns Make the Modern World?

In this workshop, four historians will present their views on how (if at all) guns have been central to the making of the modern world, drawing on evidence from diverse geographies. How did they matter as weapons? commodities? industrial products? political artifacts? We will also reflect on the usefulness and pitfalls of thinking about history through objects.

Panelists: Priya Satia , Associate Professor of Modern British History, Stanford University  |  Ken Alder, Professor of History and Milton H. Wilson Professor in the Humanities; Northwestern University  |  Brian Delay, Associate Professor of History, University of California Berkeley  |  Kevin Sweeney, Professor of American Studies and History, Amherst College

Commentator:Jack Rakove, Professor of History, Political Science and, by courtesy, Law, Stanford University

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Sponsor: the Anglo-California Foundation/Stansky Fund for British Studies.

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