Creating a Research Agenda in History and the Humanities (Session 1)

Lane History Corner, room 302

Dates:  Thursdays, January 15 and January 22, 2015, noon- 2:00

What's next for you in your research? Becoming an intellectual leader in your field entails conceptualizing your long-term research contribution and positioning your work in relation to other disciplines.

This workshop - in two sessions - will give you focused feedback on your research ideas and their potential contribution to your field. You will create a clear research statement aimed at a general audience and receive comments from the instructor and your student colleagues.

Audience: Ideal for doctoral students who are in their final two years. This workshop will help you define your post-dissertation research in preparation for job applications, fellowships, and grant applications.

Facilitator Margo Horn, a US social historian specializing in women's history and the history of medicine. Professor Horn teaches Stanford's History Department.

Registration: Please email Margo Horn at to register and more details. Space is limited so please sign up soon!