Eurasian Empires Workshop

Eurasian Empires Workshop

Eurasian Empires explores the connected and comparative history of empires in Eurasia, including ancient Greek and Middle Eastern empires, through early modern and modern Russian, Ottoman, Safavid/Qajar, Uzbek, Mughal, and Chinese empires. We have traditionally focused on early modern history to about 1800; after a year’s hiatus and with new faculty in our field, we will consider imperial legacies up through the twentieth century. Our work is comparative and interdisciplinary, united around an overarching theme: early modern Eurasian empires as “empires of difference” and their multiform transformations to modern states. We will focus on how imperial centers governed these diverse, multi-confessional and multi-ethnic expanses of space, how the constituent peoples of empire interacted with the metropole, and how these dynamics shifted in the global age of capital expansion and nation state formation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We will organize our workshop around three broad and interrelated sub-themes, one per quarter: (1) law, politics, and administration; (2) space and environment; and (3) mobility, exchange, and economic life.

2022-2023 Faculty Organizers: Nora Barakat & Partha Pratim Shil

2022-2023 Graduate Student Organizer: Merve Tekgürler

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