From Familia to Market: Bodegueros and the Politics of Place, Gender, and Redevelopment in New York City.

Lane History Corner, Room 307

New York City's Latinx small businesses were frequent victims of urban renewal slum clearance during the 1950s. By the next decade, they wielded the federal War on Poverty to reimagine the relationship between government and Latinx New Yorkers, brokering between them to address not only hunger and public health but also the plight of credit-starved entrepreneurs. As they gained political power, many Latinx business owners embraced domesticity and manhood as imperative for achieving upward mobility amid an emerging urban crisis. Pedro Regalado will present a chapter exploring the roots, dynamics, and consequences of such an embrace. In the process, his chapter reveals the overlooked history of the city's Latinx businesspeople and their impact on postwar New York.

Presenter: Pedro A. Regalado