The Long Land War: The Global Struggle for Occupancy Rights

Lane History Corner, Room 307

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Jo Guldi is Associate Professor of History at Southern Methodist University. She has completed her PhD in History at the University of California, Berkeley. As a historian of capitalism, she focuses on the state and the experience of the landscape as they flow through Britain. Her first book, Roads to Power (Harvard University Press, 2012), examined Britain’s inter-kingdom highway system from 1740 to 1848. Her Long Land War (Yale University, 2022) tells the history of ideas about ending eviction, especially around the mid-century rise of “land reform” at the United Nations and its satellites. She is interested in questions concerning the history of British ideas about property rights, land law, and agronomy in international governance and economic development.

This event is open to the public and is organized by the Stanford History Department's British Lecture Series, which brings istinguished researchers in Modern British History together with Stanford community.