Re-Mapping Sovereignty Conference

Re-Mapping Sovereignty Conference

Re-Mapping Sovereignty: Representing Geopolitical Complexity” features nine historians whose research critiques received models of political territoriality. The talks will engage with old maps, such as those in the Rumsey collection, as well as retrospective maps, including digital visualizations of prior geopolitical orders. Speakers include specialists on Russia, Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, and the Americas. Focusing on the contours of territorial power in the settings each scholar knows best, the talks will shed light on how premodern cartographers finessed political ambiguity, on the ways ideologues and diplomats have deployed maps to promote nationalist agendas, and on contemporary innovations in mapping sovereignty, past and present.

Featured Speakers  

Barbara Mundy (Keynote) 

Alec Murphy             

Jordan Branch        

Peter Bol                                         

Valerie Kivelsen           

Luca Scholz                                       

Munkh-Erdene Lkhamsuren  

Martin Lewis

Ali Yaycioglu

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Anyone who registers in advance for the Re-Mapping Sovereignty Conference may attend either in-person or virtually via Zoom.

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