Riotous Deathscapes

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Center for African Studies (Encina Commons 127)

Hugo ka Canham (UNISA, South Africa) will give a book talk on his new book, Riotous Deathscapes.

Hugo ka Canham is a writer and professor at the Institute for Social and Health Sciences, University of South Africa. His work is located along the fault lines of black studies, African feminism, African and queer theorisations. He studies the phenomenology of living at the margins of human value, suffering and death. His work is invested in detonating the binaries between the human and the natural, multispecies world. It may be understood within the transdisciplinary framework of Black Planetary Studies. His essays and short stories can be found in a range of publications. His latest book, Riotous Deathscapes is published by Duke University Press and copublished by Wits University Press.