Slavery and the Slave Trade

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The workshops are part of the project “Carletti’s World: An Early Modern Global Voyage” supported by Villa I Tatti – Harvard University with the European University Institute (Giorgio Riello), University of Warwick (Luca Molà), Syracuse University (Brian Brege), and Stanford University (Paula Findlen).
All the Workshops will be held ZOOM, please register with Francesca Parenti (

Carlotti Workshop - Paula Findlen

Presentations by Ingrid Greenfield (Villa I Tatti, Harvard); Trevor Burnard (University of Hull); and Miki Sugiura (Hosei University, Tokyo).

The travel account by the Florentine merchant Francesco Carletti (1573-1636) remains a major understudied source for global historians. Between 1594 and 1602, Carletti circumnavigated the world.

This series of workshops considers different aspects of early modern global history. At each meeting short informal presentations will be followed by an open discussion among participants.