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Writ Large is a new podcast about the books that changed the world. In each episode, host Zachary Davis interviews one of the world’s leading scholars about one book that shaped the world we live in—whether you’ve heard of it or not.    The second episode of the first season ("Seven Books, One...
Acts of physical violence, verbal intimidation, and hate-mongering against Chinese and other Asian Americans are occurring with alarming frequency throughout the country. Since the start of the medical crisis, more than one thousand acts of racism against Asian Americans have been reported.
The American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting is the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, with the December, 2019 meeting in San Francisco attracting 25,000 attendees.
Stanford historian Kathryn Olivarius discusses her research into antebellum New Orleans and how the yellow fever epidemic shaped the region economically and socially – at a devastating and deadly cost. The uncertainties and anxiety people feel today about the novel coronavirus are similar to the...
Mar 25 2020 | Human crap
We are demigods of discards – but our copious garbage became a toxic burden only with the modern cult of ‘disposability’.