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Post by Erik Loomis in Lawyers, Guns and Money The material for this post came from Richard Roberts and Martin A. Klein, “The Banamba Slave Exodus of 1905 and the Decline of Slavery in the Western Sudan” in a 1980 issue of The Journal of African History.
New York Times Book Review by Andrew Graybill   GHOSTS OF GOLD MOUNTAIN The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad By Gordon H. Chang
Chocolate Heads Movement Band, a genre-defying student performing arts group, put on an unconventional performance in the rotunda of Green Library’s Bing Wing for the opening reception of the exhibition Leonardo’s Library: The World of a Renaissance Reader, on view through Oct. 13.
Wittgenstein posed the question: Why did one crucifixion captivate the world for two thousand years, while tens of thousands of other people crucified by the Romans remain utterly forgotten? One obvious answer is that we react to stories, not statistics: a haunting story exists for one crucifixion...
Stanford History Professor Gordon H. Chang will become the senior associate vice provost for undergraduate education on April 1. Harry J. Elam Jr., senior vice provost for education and vice provost for undergraduate education, recently announced the appointment.