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BY SANDRA FEDER Ana Raquel Minian, an associate professor of history in the School of Humanities and Sciences, has been named a 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellow. Minian, whose work focuses on Latin American migration, joins a class of 27 fellows, each of whom receives up to $200,000 to pursue a...
BY MELISSA DE WITTE For Italians in the 14th-century, the bubonic plague at first seemed extraordinary but its repeated return made it so much a part of daily life that it became an economic annoyance and an administrative problem to resolve, and eventually led to advances in medicine and public...
World War II provided two contradictory lessons: war must be avoided at all costs and democracies must resist aggression, says Stanford historian James J. Sheehan.
The Age of Jackson Podcast Hosted by Daniel N. Gullota Guest: Professor Jonathan Gienapp   A stunning revision of our founding document’s evolving history that forces us to confront anew the question that animated the founders so long ago: What is our Constitution? 
Asked how she was fairing during the shelter in place, Stanford University historian Kathryn Olivarius reflected on being a researcher studying early American epidemics during the COVID-19 crisis. "I write about yellow fever by day and worry about COVID-19 at night," she said.