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Stanford's Londa Schiebinger warns that failure to account for differing impact of interventions on men and women is costing lives.
Apr 3 2018 |
Most organizations recognize the benefits of having a gender diverse workplace in the modern economy—equal hiring practices lead to higher engagement, more creativity, and better talent recruitment. But are there benefits that go beyond equal numbers of men, women, and gender-diverse people in the...
Mar 20 2018 |
La historiadora de la ciencia y el sexismo, premiada con el Humboldt de investigación, ‘honoris causa’ por la Universitat de València.
In HISTORY 201: “From Confederate Monuments to Wikipedia: The Politics of Remembering the Past,” students will explore the purpose, practices and issues surrounding history today. Offered by history senior lecturer Katherine Jolluck this spring, the new course intends to — according to its course...
In the mid-18th century, advanced areas of northwest Europe and east and south Asia enjoyed roughly comparable life expectancy, rates of consumption, and potential for economic growth. But around 1800, in what scholars call the ‘great divergence’, the power and wealth of the West suddenly and...