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Mexico is facing a major crisis. No, not just the gangs and drug cartels so prevalent in President Trump’s fearmongering. Mexico’s water is running out — and much of the water that remains is toxic.
CAMBRIDGE, MA | April 18, 2018 — As part of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence, 213 individuals in a wide range of disciplines and professions have been elected as members of the Class of 2018. Founded in 1780, the Academy honors...
  By Priya Satia Those in favor of firearms control in the United States today often point in exasperated envy at laws in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. Why can’t the United States behave like these civilized countries?, they ask.
Thomas Mullaney is an associate professor of history, a faculty fellow in the Program in Science, Technology and Society and a faculty associate in the Program in Modern Thought and Literature. His book, The Chinese Typewriter: A History, details the history of China’s modern, non-alphabetic...
Stanford's Londa Schiebinger warns that failure to account for differing impact of interventions on men and women is costing lives.