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Tensions are rising as nations around the world struggle to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus and stave off economic collapse. Meanwhile, in poor war-torn nations like Yemen, the impact of the virus is likely to dwarf current hot spots in wealthy nations at peace.
The plague haunts our imagination as an indelible memory. Yet few of us have any experience of it, even as epidemiologists have noted an uptick in the number of cases in the last few decades to around some two thousand each year.
Just as the Great Depression revealed the precarity of life for many individuals and the massive risk underpinning many economic sectors and institutions, the current coronavirus crisis is drawing attention to the downsides of living in a hyper-globalized world, says Stanford historian David M....
Over the past 16 years, my family has experienced four extreme self-isolations. Not just social distancing, but real lockdowns where we had almost no contact with others for months, not just weeks. As is true in the present crisis, we isolated for medical reasons. We faced cancer.
Late last month, a conservative website called The Federalist published an article advocating that healthy, young Americans deliberately infect themselves with Covid-19, as part of a national “controlled voluntary infection” strategy meant to build “herd immunity.” If enough Americans expose...