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Nov 20 2015
Filmmaker Mira Nair joined Stanford history professors Robert Crews and Aishwary Kumar on Wednesday to screen “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” (2013) and discuss the challenges associated with producing ethnic films.
Painting of the Battle of Cullonden
Oct 21 2015 | Slate
Understanding who carried weapons in the 17th century could determine where you may carry a gun today. By Priya Satia  
Palenists at Stanford's 'Think Big' symposium
Oct 20 2015 | Stanford Report
Some of education's best minds came together on Sunday and shared research and discoveries that are transforming the way we think about and approach teaching, learning and education. By Sarah Madgic Sunday's "Thinking Big About Learning" drew more than 550 participants and an online streaming...
Statues at the Slavery Monument in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Sep 29 2015
The latest entry in a special project in which business and labor leaders, social scientists, technology visionaries, activists, and journalists weigh in on the most consequential changes in the workplace.   Katherine R. Jolluck |  Aug 31, 2015  
Sep 29 2015
A study of medieval texts and imagery by Stanford history Professor Fiona Griffiths counters commonly held beliefs about misogynistic practices in medieval Europe. Griffiths' research reveals how some male clergy acknowledged and celebrated  the perceived religious superiority of nuns. By...