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A century and a half after Chinese migrants toiled on the Transcontinental Railroad, an interdisciplinary team of Stanford professors is shedding light on a key chapter of the intertwined relationship between China and the United States. BY CUAUHTÉMOC GARCÍA-GARCÍA The Humanities at Stanford 
Jun 18 2015
History Professor Allyson Hobbs, author of "A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life" gives a perspective on the Rachel Dolez case. Click the links below to listen to the programs.
Headshot of Allyson Hobbs
May 26 2015 | The New York Times
History Professor Allyson Hobbs talks about sexual violence against black women during the Post-Civil War Period in an article for the New York Times.
Newspaper clipping photo of the Congo-Ocean Railway
Apr 23 2015 | Stanford Report
Through a study of the history of the French colonial Congo-Océan Railway, Stanford historian JP Daughton has discovered how modern humanitarianism arose from the brutality of European colonialism. By Samuel Huneke Modern humanitarian endeavors are generally perceived of as works by good-willed...
Apr 21 2015
Stanford history professor Allyson Hobbs participates in a discussion with other historians about the Civil War on the 150th anniversary of its final battle on the Tavis Smiley on PBS. To view the program visit the PBS Tavis Smiley Show website.