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Headshot of Zephyr Frank
Sep 28 2015
Stanford provost announces Bass University Fellows in Undergraduate Education The program recognizes faculty for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education. By Kathleen J. Sullivan Provost John Etchemendy announced Thursday that eight Stanford faculty members have been named or...
Sep 28 2015
It was an unseasonably warm night in Chicago. On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, nearly a quarter of a million people—young and old, men and women of almost every racial and ethnic background—streamed into Grant Park. The crowd was peaceful and somewhat subdued, filled with a jittery anticipation about...
Sep 28 2015
The Indian community of Silicon Valley is preparing to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with open arms next week, in a route stop that has outshined the PM's ultimate U.S. destination--his meeting with President Obama. Mr. Modi comes to promote Digital India, and local Indians are...
Aug 27 2015 | The New Yorker
On August 11th, Hillary Clinton met privately with five Black Lives Matter activists in Keene, New Hampshire. The activists had arrived at Clinton’s campaign stop shortly before it was to begin, but they were not allowed to enter because the room was filled to capacity. So the campaign reached out...
Aug 24 2015 | Stanford News
Through research into the first historians of medieval Europe, Professor Paula Findlen discovers that an interest in women's history began much earlier than is assumed. By Kathyrn DickasonThe Humanities at Stanford