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When historian Rowan Dorin first stepped onto the Stanford campus in early 2017, he made it a habit to visit Green Library every week to dig through its collection of medieval documents and objects. After a few months, Dorin, an assistant professor of history specializing in medieval Europe,...
By Allyson Hobbs and Nell Freudenberger
By James Zou and Londa Schiebinger When Google Translate converts news articles written in Spanish into English, phrases referring to women often become ‘he said’ or ‘he wrote’. Software designed to warn people using Nikon cameras when the person they are photographing seems to be blinking tends to...
Jul 16 2018
Professor Thomas S. Mullaney's new book The Chinese Typewriter has just been awarded the Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics, by the Media Ecology Association.