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The Washington Post Made By History/Perspective Every Thanksgiving, Americans trot out the self-congratulatory myth that colonization was a harmonious, bloodless affair — that native peoples practically gifted their lands to America and then served up a feast. We forget the aggressive...
BY ALEX KEKAUOHA Stanford undergraduate Anat Peled, ’20, is a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship – the second Stanford student to receive the award in the past week. The award is one of the oldest and most revered fellowships in the world and provides all expenses for two or three years of...
Nov 19 2019 | Awards
Committee of 100
Nov 19 2019
Professor David Como’s Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War (Oxford University Press, 2018) has received the John Ben Snow Prize by the North American Conference (NACBS) on British Studies for the best book in pre-1800 British Studies.  
Nov 18 2019
At the recent annual meeting of the North American Conference on British Studies,  Professor David R. Como and alumni Jonathan Connolly and George Behlmer, received the following awards:   JOHN BEN SNOW PRIZE (for best book in pre-1800 British Studies) David R. Como Radical Parliamentarians and the...