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May 10 2018 | The New
In his address to the National Rifle Association last weekend, President Trump criticized gun-free zones while his secret service discordantly made the convention a gun-free zone for his safety. The controversy returned guns to the headlines after a month of data scandals. Gun control activists...
In a 1-unit lecture series, AFRICAAM 5I/AMSTUD 5I/CSRE 5I/HISTORY 3G: “Hamilton: An American Musical,” students examine the life of Alexander Hamilton and his contemporaries through an in-depth analysis of the critically-acclaimed Broadway musical that lends its namesake to the course title.
May 8 2018 |
The Austrian paediatrician Hans Asperger has long been recognized as a pioneer in the study of autism. He was even seen as a hero, saving children with the condition from the Nazi killing programme by emphasizing their intelligence. However, it is now indisputable that Asperger collaborated in the...
May 4 2018 | Stanford News
War and Great Britain’s gun industry played a more important role in driving the 18th-century Industrial Revolution than scholars have previously recognized, according to new research from a Stanford historian. Satia wrote about her findings in her new book, Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of...
Mexico is facing a major crisis. No, not just the gangs and drug cartels so prevalent in President Trump’s fearmongering. Mexico’s water is running out — and much of the water that remains is toxic.