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            One hundred years ago, a wave of anti-Jewish violence swept over Eastern Europe, leaving as many as 300,000 Jews dead and tens of thousands of families destroyed.  Scholars today say this humanitarian tragedy should be seen as a precursor to the Holocaust just 20 years later.  And yet, this piece of history is understudied and little known.

            My Dear Children is the first-ever in-depth, scholarly documentary to explore this forgotten tragedy.  Stanford’s Steven Zipperstein was an important contributor to this film, helping to bring these events out of the shadow of the Holocaust to audiences around the world.

American Public Television began distributing My Dear Children to public television stations nationwide in early September and already has reached 74% of U.S. television households.  Jewish film festivals, synagogues, museums, and community groups across the country have scheduled screenings, and APT World Wide will soon begin international distribution.  My Dear Children was also nominated for a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award.