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Ana C. Núñez

MPhil, University of Cambridge, 2018
BA, Pomona College, 2017

Ana C. Núñez is a PhD Candidate in History, specializing in Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean in the High Middle Ages (ca.1000-1250 CE). Her in-progress dissertation is titled: "Dynasty, Identity, and Authority: The Making of Queenship in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1131–1228." Through an examination of both textual and material sources, it analyzes the lives and reigns of the five royal women who ruled Jerusalem in their own right.

Ana is a Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Fellow (2022-2024), and a Digital Public Fellow/Lead Editor of Colloquies, part of Stanford Humanities Center's Arcade. She was previously an Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Fellow (2018-2020).