Claudius Kim

BSc, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Claudius Kim received his bachelor degree at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he studied modern Chinese history as part of the Global China Studies program. At Stanford University, as a Ph.D. candidate studying modern Korean and Chinese history, he investigates the intertwined history of Chinese and Korean revolutions in the early 20th century. Tentatively titled “The Sino-Korean Revolution: Korean Soldiers, Migrants, and Revolutions in Transwar East Asia (1932-50),” his dissertation places the revolutionary histories of China and Korea under a single analytical framework of Sino-Korean Revolution. With the Koreans serving as transnational bodily sites on which Chinese and Korean revolutionaries preached and performed the politics of revolution, Claudius identifies them as key historical actors who contributed to the making of China’s and Korea’s revolutions. His study makes use of multilingual archival troves from Korea, China, and Japan, most of which had been previously underutilized in the English-language scholarship.