David Como

Professor of History
Director of Graduate Teaching
Ph.D, Princeton University, Department of History. (1999)
A.B., Stanford University, History (1992)
David Como
My teaching and research focus on the following areas of interest:

Puritanism, Politics
English Revolution
History of print
History of Political Thought
History of Religion and the Reformation
Global History

Featured News

January 7, 2020
Stanford University professor and author David Como has won the Samuel Pepys Award 2019 for Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War (Oxford University Press). The biennial prize is awarded to a publication that makes the greatest contribution to our understanding of Samuel Pepys, his times or his contemporaries. Sir...


Global, Transnational, and International History
Political Culture
The Atlantic World

Journal Article on City on the Other Hill: The Plough Patent, the Company of Husbandmen, and a Radical Puritan Colonization Project, New England Quarterly, 92, September 2019.

Journal Article on The Family of Love and the Making of English Revolutionary Religion: The Confession and “Conversions” of Giles Creech The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Sudies, September 2018.

Journal Article on “Print, Censorship, and Ideological Escalation in the English Civil War,” Journal of British Studies, 51 (October 2012).

Book Chapter - “Radical Puritanism, c. 1558-1660” in J. Coffey and P. Lim, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

Journal Article on “Secret Printing, the Crisis of 1640, and the Origins of Civil-War Radicalism,” Past and Present, 196 (2007). Project Muse

Journal Article on “An Unattributed Pamphlet of William Walwyn: New Light on the Prehistory of the Leveller Movement,” The Huntington Library Quarterly, 69 (2006).

Journal Article on “The Burning of Edward Wightman: Puritanism, Prelacy and the Politics of Heresy in Early Modern England,” English Historical Review, 120 (2005). David Como and Ian Atherton (Keele University, U.K.),