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David Como

David Como

Professor of Early Modern British History
Ph.D., Princeton, 1999
  • Puritanism, Politics
  • English Revolution
  • History of print

Selected Publications & Projects

David Como
Winner of the Pacific Conference on British Studies Book Prize, 2019
Samuel Pepys Award, 2019
Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War...
David Como
This study explores the intersection of politics, religious thought, and religious culture in pre-revolutionary England, using hitherto unknown or...

Selected Journals & Book Chapters

David Como
This article examines the “conversions” and confessions of Giles Creech, a London cutler who allegedly passed through “fourteen several religions”...
David Como
“Print, Censorship, and Ideological Escalation in the English Civil War,” Journal of British Studies, 51 (October 2012)
David Como
“Radical Puritanism, c. 1558-1660” in J. Coffey and P. Lim, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism (Cambridge University Press, 2008)....
David Como
“Secret Printing, the Crisis of 1640, and the Origins of Civil-War Radicalism,” Past and Present, 196 (2007).
David Como
“An Unattributed Pamphlet of William Walwyn: New Light on the Prehistory of the Leveller Movement,” The Huntington Library Quarterly, 69 (...
David Como
Ian Atherton

David Como and Ian Atherton (Keele University, U.K.), “The Burning of Edward Wightman: Puritanism, Prelacy and the Politics of Heresy in Early...

More Information

“Predestination and Political Conflict in Laud’s London,” Historical Journal, 46 (2003).

“Puritans, Predestination and the Construction of Orthodoxy in Early Seventeenth Century England,” in P. Lake and M. Questier, eds., Conformity and Orthodoxy in the English Church, c. 1560-1642 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2000).

Peter Lake and David R. Como, “‘Orthodoxy’ and its Discontents: Dispute Settlement and the Production of ‘Consensus’ in the London (Puritan) ‘Underground,’” Journal of British Studies, 39 (2000).

David R. Como and Peter Lake, “Puritans, Antinomians and Laudians in Caroline London: The Strange Case of Peter Shaw in its Contexts,” Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 50 (1999).  Document with an extended commentary.

“Women, Prophecy and Authority in Early Stuart Puritanism,” The Huntington Library Quarterly, 61 (1998).