Gil-li Vardi

PhD, London School of Economics, International History (2009)

My teaching and research interests are modern military history, modern wars, total wars, military strategy, doctrinal and operational change, organizational culture and change in armed forces. I study the modern history of European armed forces and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Students who are considering a major or a minor in history or IR are encouraged to contact me and discuss their interests. I am always happy to serve as my students' advisor in the major, whether in History or IR. 

I teach the following courses and seminars: 

HIS F3/F103/INTNLREL103 Introduction to Modern Military History (formerly Introduction to Military History)

HIS 210G/INTNLREL182 The Great War 

HIS 206/INTNLREL183 The Modern Battle 

HIS 202/203 Peoples, Armies, and Governments of the Second World War


War and Military History