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Laura Stokes

Headshot of Laura Stokes

Laura Stokes

Associate Professor of History
Early Modern Europe
Ph.D., University of Virginia
M.A., University of Virginia
B.A., Reed College

Laura Stokes completed their Ph.D. at the University of Virginia in 2006. Their first book, Demons of Urban Reform, examines the origins of witchcraft prosecution in fifteenth-century Europe against the backdrop of a general rise in the prosecution of crime and other measures of social control. In the process they have investigated the relationship between witchcraft and sodomy persecutions as well as the interplay between the unregulated development of judicial torture and innovations within witchcraft prosecution.

Their current research is an examination of quotidian economic culture during the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. This project, under the working title A Social History of Greed in the Age of the Reformation, is based largely on the examination of court depositions from the city of Basel. Its first fruit will be a microhistory on The Murder of Uly Mörnach, currently in process.

Selected Publications & Projects

Laura Stokes
This book illuminates the origins of the great European witch hunts by placing early witch trials in the comparative light of other criminal...
Laura Stokes
(Translator), Author: Johannes Dillinger
Translator: Johannes Dillinger 'Evil People': A comparative study of witch hunts in Swabian Austria and the Electorate of Trier (University of...

Selected Journals & Book Chapters

Laura Stokes
“Towards the Witch Craze” in The [Oxford] Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe (2013)
The early modern witch craze could never have taken...
Laura Stokes
This essay explores the earliest full-blown witch hunts in central Europe, in lands around the western Alps. It explores the trials, and the early...
Laura Stokes
 “Experiments in Pain: Reason and the Development of Judicial Torture” in Ideas and Cultural Margins in Early Modern Germany: Essays in Honor of H. C...

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“Mit dem Teufel im Bund.” In Epoc. Das Magazin für Archäologie und Geschichte. (05/2010)