Lucy Stark

Lucy Stark is a History PhD student in the Transnational, Global, and International (TIG) field with a focus on French colonialism in the Caribbean and West Africa. As a Jackman Humanities Undergraduate Fellow at the University of Toronto, she completed her senior thesis on the discursive exploitation of women of color in debates over the civil rights of free people of color in Saint-Domingue. From the end of the Seven Years' War to the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution, she found stereotypes around the sexuality, immorality, and fertility of free women of color and a reliance on their reproductive labor. 

At Stanford, she hopes to explore the intersection of gender, race, and citizenship and how these elements affect colonial identity and social hierarchies. She enjoys documentary filmmaking and public history initiatives to share underrepresented narratives with the wider community.


Gender and Sexuality
Race and Ethnicity