Nancy Kollmann

William H. Bonsall Professor in History
A.B., Middlebury College, History and Russian Language and Literature
A.M., Harvard University, History
Ph.D., Harvard University, History
Nancy Kollmann
I began studying Russia in college, when I completed an honors thesis on Dmitrii Pisarev and the radical intelligentsia of the 1860s. In graduate school at Harvard, I discovered a passion for earlier Russian history studying, studying the sixteenth century with the brilliant Edward L. Keenan and Omeljan Pritsak. I've was honored to start my scholarly career at Stanford in 1982 and have continued there ever since; my work has addressed issues of politics and society, contributing to discussions on the nature of autocracy and practices of law and governance.

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May 2, 2017
Stanford history professor Nancy Kollmann discusses the establishment of the Russian Empire and how Russia’s past shapes its present.   In a new book, history Professor Nancy Kollmann provides insight into the rise of the Russian Empire and how its history provides better perspective on the Russia of today.   (Image credit: Rod...


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