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Paul G. Nauert

Paul G. Nauert

United States
B.A., in Social Studies, magna cum laude, Harvard College, 2009
M.A., in History, Stanford University, 2018

Paul is a PhD candidate researching human and environmental change in the modern world from the local to the planetary scale. Through a transnational study of postwar occupations in Japan and Germany, Paul’s dissertation examines how American global power in the mid-twentieth century contributed to accelerating worldwide energy consumption and anthropogenic climate change.  

Some of Paul's other research traces connections among patterns of labor, land use, commodities, community, and identity in the twentieth-century United States and wider Pacific world. Topics include the role of Asian American and Asian diasporic networks in early twentieth-century Californian floriculture, the role of women in the late twentieth-century U.S. wine industry, and American bioprospecting in early twentieth-century China. His teaching experience has engaged themes in modern American, Japanese, Southeast Asian, and transnational history as well as the ethics of war and climate.

Please feel free to contact Paul at the email provided on this page.