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cover image of 从诉讼档案出发:中国的法律、社会与文化
Jun 2005

“性工作:作为生存策略的清代一妻多夫现象” (Sex Work: Polyandry as a Survival Strategy in the Qing Dynasty, trans. by Li Xia 李霞), 《新社会史》 (New Social History), special issue on 身体 · 心性 · 权力 (Body, Consciousness, Power), 2005 (No. 2), pp. 236-262 (27 pages); reprinted (with revisions) in 黄宗智 (Philip C. C. Huang) and 尤陈俊 (You Chenjun), eds., 2009: 《从诉讼档案出发:中国的法律、社会与文化》 (Research from Archival Case Records: Law, Society and Culture in China, Past and Present), Falü Chubanshe, pp. 111-139.