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Keywords for African American Studies

Erica Edwards, Roderick Ferguson and Jeffrey Ogbar
NYU Press
Nov 2018

As the longest-standing interdisciplinary field, African American Studies has laid the foundation for critically analyzing issues of race, ethnicity, and culture within the academy and beyond. This volume assembles the keywords of this field for the first time, exploring not only the history of those categories but their continued relevance in the contemporary moment. Taking up a vast array of issues such as slavery, colonialism, prison expansion, sexuality, gender, feminism, war, and popular culture, Keywords for African American Studies showcases the startling breadth that characterizes the field.


Featuring an august group of contributors across the social sciences and the humanities, the keywords assembled within the pages of this volume  exemplify the depth and range of scholarly inquiry into Black life in the United States. Connecting lineages of Black knowledge production to contemporary considerations of race, gender, class, and sexuality, Keywords for African American Studies provides a model for  how the scholarship of the field can meet the challenges of our social world.