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MA Requirements

For students enrolled in the terminal or coterminal MA** programs.

  • students must have an advisor who will approve their program of study
  • 45 units or more (at least 35 of the 45 units must be listed as History courses) for a total minimum of 9 courses are required for the M.A.
  • 25 units or more in History courses must be at the graduate level (300 level or above), including one graduate research seminar (400-level, not directed research); 15 of these units must be within a single Ph.D. major field; a maximum of 10 units can be Directed Reading (399W) so long as it involves writing and is taken for a letter grade.
  • up to 10 units may be non-History (current interpretation of this rule: study of a "difficult" foreign language may be counted; otherwise these must be graduate level)
  • students who take undergraduate courses should expect to fulfill requirements appropriate to graduate study, at the discretion of the instructor

A program proposal is due in the first quarter to the Graduate Program Coordinator.

**The Coterminal MA program is only available to current Stanford undergraduates.

Coterminal students should apply online to graduate in early April for Spring Quarter.