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How to Declare

Declaring a History Major

The first step in becoming a History major is finding a Faculty Advisor. The best way to find an advisor is to take a variety of History courses, drop in during faculty office hours (posted in the History Department main office), and introduce yourself as a prospective History major. Faculty are happy to suggest coursework and to offer counsel. 

Next, complete the Declaration Form and have your advisor sign it. Forms are also available in the History Office. 

Then, submit your Declaration Form to History's Undergraduate Student Services Officer, Kai Dowding, kdowding [at] (via email) or in the History Office (200-113)

Finally, declare the History major on AXESS. Only students who have submitted a signed History Major Declaration Form will be accepted by AXESS as History majors. This restriction ensures that all History majors have advisors. 

A note on timing: Students usually declare in the freshman, sophomore, or early junior year.  History majors are required to be declared six quarters prior to graduation; students declaring with fewer than six quarters remaining in their undergraduate career need to submit a petition for exemption (also available in the History Office), accompanied by a plan for completing the major.