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Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are History undergraduates who volunteer to help their fellow students with requirements of the department as well as other university resources.

Inyoung Choi

Inyoung is a senior studying history with a focus in history of science and medicine. She loves learning about current events through the media, and she thinks history is a great way to get context about what happens today :) She really likes the donuts at Coffee and Donuts, so please swing by and join her!

Molly Culhane

Molly is a senior from Denver, Colorado, on the public history track. She is especially interested in the history of social movements and law. In addition to being a history nerd, Molly is an enthusiast of travel, books, public transportation, potatoes, and porches.

Lily Foulkes

Lily is a senior from Rhode Island. She focuses on both US and Latin American history, especially in relation to the Cold War. She is currently writing an honors thesis on the history of US immigration detention centers and the deportation of LGBT immigrants in the 1980s. In addition to history, Lily loves surfing and laughing. Please come chat with her about majoring in history or anything else at Coffee and Donuts (or reach out via email about meeting other times).

Berber Jin

Berber Jin is a senior history and economics major from New York. He is currently writing his thesis on the Trinidadian anti-colonialist George Padmore during the interwar years and is broadly interested in modern political theory and anti-colonial thought. On campus, he has written for the Stanford Daily and the Stanford Review and can be found studying at CoHo, Coupa, or Philz -- feel free to stop by and say hi!

Sofia Patiño-Duque

Sofia is a senior with a specialization in European political history and has pursued her interest in the field by studying abroad in Berlin and Oxford. She is writing a honors thesis on the subject of German memory culture post-World War II. When not found in Lane Reading Room, she enjoys riding horses as a part of the equestrian team, speaking German in Haus Mitt, and eating the delicious donuts at Coffee and Donuts!

Clara Romani

Clara is a senior majoring in history and French with a minor in Italian. She focuses on medieval history and the history of Western Europe in the History, Philosophy, and the Arts track, and is writing her honors thesis on women in heresy in medieval Occitania. Feel free to ask her about anything related to study abroad, the digital humanities, double majoring, or good books.