Black Marxism Reading Group

Cedric Robinson's 1983 Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition laid the foundation for one of the most important critical interventions in the study of black political history and theory. Yet, the Black Marxist tradition has curiously faced a double neglect: for the most part, it has faced minimal engagement by both Marxists and those interested in the Black radical tradition. Through a collective reading and discussion of seminal texts, this reading group aims to remedy that lack with an emphasis on historicizing Black Marxism: what conditions drew thinkers and activists as diverse as Amilcar Cabral, Thomas Sankara, and Claudia Jones, among many others, to leave their own imprint on this tradition? How can we assess the novelty of their interventions? To what extent does their work challenge depictions of Marxism as inherently Eurocentric? Furthermore, this effort will emphasize Black Marxism's global dimensions, drawing together figures who moved between the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa.

2022-2023 Faculty Organizers:
Zephyr Frank & Destin Jenkins

2022-2023 Graduate Student Organizers:
Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin & Sina Salessi

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