Gordon H. Chang

Olive H. Palmer Professor in Humanities
Ph.D, Stanford
B.A., Princeton

I am interested in several different areas of history, including the historical connections between race and ethnicity in America, on the one hand, and foreign relations, on the other, and trans-Pacific relations in their diplomatic as well as their cultural and social dimensions. I have written and continue to publish in the areas of U.S. diplomacy, America-China relations, the Chinese diaspora, Asian American history, and global history. My most recent books have examined the history of Chinese railroad workers in America in the 19th century.

I continue to work with undergraduates, master’s students, and doctoral students.


(650) 723-2758
Cold War Studies
Cultural History
Global, Transnational, and International History
Immigration, Borderlands, and Frontiers
Race and Ethnicity
Social History
The Pacific World
War and Military History