Herodotus - Volume XXVIII - Spring 2018

Herodotus - Volume XXVIII - Spring 2018

In this Issue:

Nicholas Burns, Domesticating Democracy: The Reformist Rationale Behind George Grote's "Redemption of Athens"

Lauren Wegner, A Female Gaze?  Considering the Concealed Objectification in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's "The Turkish Embassy Letters"

Azucena Marquez, Ambivalent Empowerment and a Shift in Bias: Women's Legal Education and Employment in the United States, 1960s-2000s

Emily Wilder, Black-Jewish Jazz and its Vilification in the Early Twentieth Century

Heath Rojas, A Model of Revolutionary Regicide: The Role of Seventeenth-Century English History in the Trial of King Louis XVI

Ramah Awad, Caught Between Two Worlds: The Feminist Arab-American Network, 1981-1985